Hear their stories, get inspired! Dawter Podcast is a brand new show celebrating women in electronic music. Hosted by Elise Cabret (How to Stare at Ceilings) the podcast features interviews and music with local producers and industry professionals, sharing their stories and advice for those wanting to be successful in electronic music.
Premiering in August 2018, Dawter will begin with an eight-episode mini series that features Q&A’s with a range of artists, studio engineers, managers, publishers, and more. New episodes are available weekly on iTunes, Spotify, IOS Podcasts app, and on our website. We are also hosting a launch party at the Grace Darling Hotel in September, showcasing a number of artists who have been featured on the show (check our facebook event for details!). 
We welcome listeners of all genders, races, minorities and Jason Momoa appreciation groups! We aren’t hear to talk politics, we just want to help bring this creative community together, to admire and inspire, and share our passion for electronic music! Whether you are an artist, someone looking for a career in the music industry, or someone who just loves music, give us a like and hit subscribe! This is the podcast for you!